Unsurpassed comfort for today’s busy lifestyles. MyDay Daily Disposables, now available for astigmatism.


    Look good and feel good in our sustainable ECO Eyewear range of super lightweight glasses. £125 including single vision lenses with a free polarised sunglasses clip.

    T’s and C’s apply


    We stock the fantastic Tomato Glasses range of frames which are ideal for babies, toddlers and young children.


    Everyone deserves the best eye care….. so we make it affordable.



Independent Opticians and Optometrists – Family run since 1981

Stephen Evans Optometrists are eye care specialists. We are a modern Professional Independent Optician’s practice in Swansea committed to delivering the best eye care for all the family. We’re perfect for people who want something a little different and also people who want to be sure their eye health is in the very best of hands.


“We only consider ourselves to have done a good job if we have given you an experience that you would be happy to recommend to your family and friends.”


New patients are always welcome. We hope to see you soon.



    Everyone deserves the best eye care.


    We offer 3 levels of eye examinations from a basic NHS sight test right up to to the most detailed examination using the latest Optomap and OCT retinal scanners. We are also accredited to carry out urgent eye care examinations and low vision assessments. We care that the highest level of eye examination is available to all our patients


    An eye examination isn’t just about getting glasses.


    Discover something different.


    We select our frame ranges for their quality, design and comfort. We have frames to match all budgets and all ages from free NHS options to niche brands. In addition to some very well known names, we also offer frame ranges you won’t always find on the high street. We use only quality lenses from the world’s best lens manufacturers like Rodenstock and Shamir.


    Glasses are a long term investment - we think it’s important to take the time to get it right.


    Professional Optometric Eye Care.... and contact lens prices to match the internet.


    We fit a wide range of contact lenses from all the major suppliers, in addition to specialist lenses for more complex eye problems. Our optometrists keep up to date with the latest developments in lens design and materials because not all contact lenses are the same.


    We aim to provide the healthiest lenses that give the best end of day comfort.


    Make sure your child’s vision is checked before they start school.


    We stock a great selection of FREE glasses for children including specialist frames for babies and toddlers.


    Children do not have to be able to read letters on a test chart to have a thorough eye examination.


    Red eye? Painful eye? Sticky discharge? Light flashes? New floaters? New or Sudden Double vision? Sudden change or loss of vision?


    If you have any of the above symptoms or if you have any concerns at all about your eyes please call the practice straight away on 01792 643823. (Or 111 if out of hours).


    Our Optometrists are accredited to perform Eye Health Examinations (EHEW’s) which are part of the Welsh Eye Care Service (WECS). These examinations won’t cost you anything and could save your sight.



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  • Because eyesight is precious and good sight and healthy eyes aren’t optional we offer 3 levels of eye examinations from a basic sight test right up to to the most detailed examination using the latest technology.

  • Basic Sight Test: £30
    (Free with NHS sight test)


    Advanced Eye Examination: £45
    (£25 with NHS sight test)
    Our advanced eye examination is an upgrade to your basic sight test and includes an Optomap retinal scan


    Extended Eye Examination: £60
    (£40 with NHS sight test)
    This is our gold standard in eye care and includes both Optomap and OCT retinal scans


Everyday in Wales nearly 3 people lose their sight. But 50% of sight loss is avoidable with early detection and treatment.

  • Retinal Scanning

    To help us detect treatable eye diseases earlier we have invested in the latest diagnostic technology. Our Optomap and OCT retinal scanners are powerful diagnostic instruments that are able to show so much more detail than traditional methods or simple retinal photography. The scans are safe, non-invasive and painless tests that give us invaluable information to help pick up the subtlest of changes to your retina.


    No need to wait for results either. We review and explain your scan results with you during your consultation.

  • Optomap Images

    Allow us to see so much more detail than traditional methods or retinal cameras.


  • OCT Images

    Allow us to see the layers of the retina which helps us detect treatable eye conditions more easily.


    OCT image of a normal macula


    Glaucoma analysis in a normal eye


  • From as little as £8 a month, Contact lens care is a great way to look after your eyes for an affordable monthly cost.


    It is based on the core value of continuous eye care, covers all your eye care needs and includes a great package of benefits and discounts.

  • Contact lens care features and benefits

    • Annual eye examination including Optomap retinal imaging
    • Annual contact lens review
    • Unlimited aftercare appointments
    • Free interim eye tests if needed
    • Free contact lens trials
    • Free replacements for lost or damaged contact lenses
    • 20% discount off glasses and prescription sunglasses including Oakleys.


  • Glasses are a long term investment, we think it’s important to get it right

    Choosing new glasses can be fun, but we also know some people can find it quite stressful. Our dispensers have many years of experience in helping you choose the right pair but we’ll also leave you to browse by yourself if you prefer. You can take as long as you like and you will never be rushed or pressurised into making a decision.


    If you can’t make your mind up we have some great two for one offers so you can have that second pair for a different look or just a spare pair.


    We’ve more than 30 years experience in buying frames and our customers and patients tell us that design, quality and comfort are the most important features of a great pair of glasses. But we also know the importance of great value so we only stock frames that we think are worth their price.

  • Life can be visually demanding, let us help you reduce the strain

    Using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers is a necessary part of life, but it can take its toll. Switching from on-screen to off-screen and back all day can overwork your eyes – and lead to tiredness, dryness, and redness.


    Modern lenses designed to meet your individual lifestyle needs can make a real improvement to your quality of vision and visual comfort.


    Our dispensing staff have considerable experience with these high spec lenses and can help you choose the right lens for your personal needs.


    You don’t buy new glasses every week or every month so let us help you get it right

  • Not all Multifocal Lenses are the same

    Now you can have lenses designed around your individual needs.




  • Children may not be aware of or be able to explain their vision difficulties


    Poor eyesight can have a significant effect on children’s ability to learn and on their behaviour – yet often goes unrecognised by teachers, parents and by children themselves and – as a parent – you may not notice any problems.


    First eye test?
    Children’s eyes should be tested before they start full time school. There are techniques and ways of testing children’s sight for all ages, even newborns. They do not have to be able to read letters on a test chart to have a thorough eye examination.


    Eight is too late!
    The sooner vision problems are detected – the better the outcome. Many childhood eye conditions, such as squints (strabismus) and lazy eye (amblyopia), can be treated if they are picked up early, especially during the early school years.

  • Eye examinations are Free for all children and paid for by the NHS


    An NHS sight test is free for all children under the age of 16 and also for all young people in full time education under the age of 19. In addition to this if glasses are needed an NHS voucher is provided that enables them to choose from a fabulous range of FREE GLASSES or it can be used against a wider choice of affordable frames.


    FREE Optomap retinal imaging (usually costing a £25.00 supplement) We include free Optomap retinal imaging as part of an NHS sight test for children, when requested by our Optometrists. This helps us to see a much wider view (about 80%) of the retina which can also be used for future comparison.



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